Prospector is the leading-edge system for easy to use, knowledge-based shop floor NC programming. With Prospector you can confidently put the NC programming in the hands of your machinists on the shop floor. After all, who would know better how to machine a job?

Uniquely focused on the manufacturing of complex molds, tools and dies, Prospector has proven itself to be an effective tool to facilitate process change for many manufacturers to bring greater efficiency resulting in higher quality, more predictable profits and delivery.

Empowered with Prospector, machinists are producing higher quality results in far less time than ever thought possible. With Prospector at work, shop floor programming is a practical tool to improve your bottom line.

The whole secret to Prospector's power is its unique knowledge-based programming concept. Prospector's built-in know-how will provide default solutions for virtually all of your machining situations. But, Prospector's real strength is in its ability to use input from your experienced operators to modify those default solutions into optimum solutions. In short, Prospector is smart enough to remember what your machinists tell it about what works in your plant and to use that information over and over again.

3D NC Programming You Can Trust

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Part gouges, stock collisions and improper G-code costs time, money and your perhaps worst of all, your reputation as a reliable supplier. These days no shop can afford missed deadlines or cost overruns due to mistakes on the shop floor. Prospector is the solution to protect against inadvertent human error and software errors because:

  • Checking for part gouges and stock collisions is mandatory. Every 3D program generated by Prospector, edited by the programmer or imported from a foreign CAM system is checked for part gouges and collisions with stock of the tool and tool assembly. If there is a problem, the program is flagged as unacceptable. Bottom line: it is not possible for anyone to knowingly run a program that will cost you money.

  • Bullet-proof cutter path generation. As the first vendor of workstation-based CAM software for the generation of interference-free 3D cutter path, our proprietary technology has a proven track record of producing results for mold manufacturers. Regardless of how large, complex or even ill-defined the dataset, Prospector can cut it. This means you can forget about the delays and disruptions caused in your shop when data must be returned to the CAD room for modification because your CAM system can't handle it.

  • Eliminate human programming errors. The unique PowerSource technology allows you to capture and enforce your shop practices and policies to recommend proper program parameters. Inviolable rules can be locked-in with a network-wide administrative database to insure that they will be followed. Recommending best-practices and preventing the use of improper parameters goes a long way to eliminating programming error.

A Complete Solution for Mold Manufacturers

Prospector provides a comprehensive suite of 3D machining strategies to address all phases of machining from rough to finish and all commonly used mold components including the machining of electrodes. A full suite of 2D strategies is included to address plate work and the gun-drilling of waterlines.

We understand mold manufacturers needs and continually advance our technology to give our customers the software they need to achieve the highest levels of productivity.

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