About AMT Software

AMT Software is a leading provider of computer aided design and manufacturing software. Located just outside of Detroit, Michigan, our roots are in providing software solutions for automotive industry suppliers in Michigan and Ontario Canada. Over the years are expertise has broadened to serve manufacturers in a wide variety of industries but always with special emphasis on manufacturers of complex tools; particularly plastic injection molds. Our software solutions are all based around our own technology developed internally by our own U.S. based software development team.

A Brief History

Our roots date back to 1982 when as part of Cadlinc Inc. we were one of the very first companies to offer a bundled CAD/CAM solution on our proprietary 32-bit UNIX-based engineering workstations. Unique at the time, our heads-up user interface featured on-screen graphic icons and pop-up menus. A programmable keyboard allowed users to input commands to the application with a single keystroke. Cursor strokes (holding a mouse button down while making a gesture with the cursor on the screen) continues to this day to be one of the most beloved features of our user interface that has been carried over to the Windows environment for all software including Prospector.

As the company grew, new software applications were developed and support for more capable workstations from other hardware vendors was added. In 1985 the company changed its name to Cimlinc Inc. and abandoned hardware development to focus exclusively on application software for manufacturing. In 1985 CIM CUT was introduced as the first multi-surface NC programming system that ran on affordable UNIX workstations. 2 years later ToolMaker debuted to begin to pull together 3D design and 3D NC programming into a single application environment.

In 1990 the AMT (Advanced Manufacturing Technology) Division of Cimlinc was formed to focus on the continued development Cimlinc's portfolio of CAD/CAM application. Particular emphasis was put on development of software solutions for the manufacturers of complex molds & dies. The ToolDesigner product was introduced during this period to focus on all aspects of designing molds from electronic part data. All AMT products and technology migrated from UNIX to the Microsoft Windows platform. In 1997 the AMT division launched Prospector - the first knowledge-based NC programming application that specifically addressed shop-floor programming. The success of the AMT Division and the desire of Cimlinc to pursue other opportunities far afield from our CAD/CAM roots and expertise led to Cimlinc's decision to sell the AMT division. Unfortunately Cimlinc Inc. did not succeed in their other endeavors and closed in 2001.

In 1997 SofTech Inc. acquired the AMT division from Cimlinc which began the transformation of SofTech from a reseller and services company to an independent software vendor. Under the SofTech umbrella, more growth outside of our traditionally strong market in North America was possible. SofTech followed up the acquisition of AMT by acquiring other technology companies in the CAD/CAM/PLM space to offer a more comprehensive suite of software solutions.

As part of a corporate restructuring in 2011, SofTech divested itself of the AMT division to focus on their PLM/PDM business. The employees of the AMT division now own the AMT intellectual property rights and the company - AMT Software LLC. Today, as a stand-alone business, AMT Software is singularly focused on the continued development and support of our portfolio of CAD/CAM software solutions. Our sales, service and development team is headquartered in Bloomfield Hills, MI. We are wholly responsible for the development, support and maintenance of our software.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be recognized as leading supplier of technology and value to manufacturers. We do this by providing our customers with innovative yet practical solutions based on our own time-tested and proven technology. We back up our products with the most knowledgeable and responsive customer service and support in the industry.

Our Customers are Our Partners in Success

Located in Michigan at the heart of the auto industry, we are fortunate to work with the best of breed manufacturers who provide valuable input to our software development efforts. Our customers are highly demanding. In this hyper-competitive industry segment our customers must adhere to stringent quality standards, meet a demanding delivery schedules all the while keeping their prices low enough to fend off foreign competition. This means they must stay at the forefront of technological advances and process change to keep remain competitive. We work closely with our customers to help them implement our software technology into their processes to keep them at the top of their game. Our goal is to help our customers reduce project development time and costs, increase quality to provide predictable profits and delivery time. We are always eager to partner with our customers to explore new ideas and approaches to design and manufacturing challenges.