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Prospector 2013

Keep your team running at full speed with Prospector 2013.

Touch screen support.

Multi-program editing.

Advanced cutter path simulation.

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Prospector Design is an application included included with Prospector to address the need for NC programmers to prepare design data for machining.  With Prospector Design you can:

  • Create Prospector projects from discrete components of a 3D assembly by extracting the design data from the assembly for each component you wish to machine.
  • Eliminate unwanted or unnecessary design data that has nothing to do with NC programming.
  • Refine 2D data from detailed drawings by removing unwanted annotation and re-tracing or stitching together disjoint geometry to create nice bounded profiles for machining.
  • Create persistent geometry for Prospector projects to facilitate machining (i.e. drive curves for machining ribs).
  • Creating simple 2D geometry from part prints.
  • Analyzing the integrity of imported design data for over-defined and duplicate geometry. 

Prospector Design

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