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Running software that is several years old is costing you money!  Upgrade today to take full advantage of the last features including support for Windows 7, Windows 8, native 64-bit code, scalable multi-processing and more.  Call or click here to request a quote.


Prospector 2013

Keep your team running at full speed with Prospector 2013.

Touch screen support.

Multi-program editing.

Advanced cutter path simulation.

Customer-driven software enhancements and corrections.

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Making the Seemingly Complex Simple

Prospector makes extensive use of standard features afforded by the Microsoft Windows® user interface to implement wizards. Wizards guide users in a step-by-step process through operations.  At every step, Prospector’s built-in tool making know-how embedded in the knowledge base will automatically suggest solutions that represent your preferences and shop rules. For example, making a new 3D program requires 4 steps or less:


Step 1 - Choose Where to Machine


With the assistance of the RSM view of the current state of the stock, simply choose area(s) of interest to be machined.  The areas you choose are shown in a convenient grid control and displayed in the 3D view of the part and the RSM view.

3D Machining Strategies
2D Machining Strategies
Plunge Roughing
Remaining Stock Model
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Parasolid Solid Modeler Compatible
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Cutter Path Editing
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Prospector Silver Edition
PC Requirements
Design for Machining

Step 2 - Choose the Best Machining Strategy

The data about the size and location of the areas to machine, remaining stock and part characteristics are input to the PowerSource engine to combine with your rules to suggest how these areas should be machined.  The result is the automatic selection of a machining strategy:

Note that the Finish button on the wizard is enabled.  This is the power or knowledge-based programming - the software has determined not only the strategy that makes sense but every parameter of every program to be created including tool selection, speeds and feeds, start Z, end Z, step down, ...  You're done.

Step 3 (Optional) - Choose the Right Tool for the Job

As you step through the wizard, each page contains key elements of the program(s) to be generated.  The tooling page shows the tool chosen by your rules and standards along with the associated feedrate and spindle speed that makes sense for the material type and machining conditions.

Step 4 (Optional) - Setting Optimal Program Parameters

The parameters page of the wizard details specific parameters related to the machining strategy chosen.  Of course PowerSource has automatically set the program parameters according to your rules and preferences. 

Simplicity of design coupled with PowerSource technology means that we can train new users who may have never touched a computer before in 3 days or less. That's what we mean when we say Prospector is the only NC programming system designed from the start for shop floor programming.

Need help? You got it!

  • Complete multi-media HTML-style help provides step-by-step instructions for using any feature of Prospector.  A built-in index and search capability makes it easy to find answers.
  • Context sensitive What's This? help provides a quick description a control you point at on a dialog.
  • A What's New guide in the Help menu to explain new features in every release.
  • Available HelpDesk service.
  • Available on-site or classroom training.  We can design a custom training program just for your team.
  • Dedicated e-mail support address: amt-support@amt-software.com

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