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You can't machine the job if you can't read the data.  Are you frustrated with your current system's ability to read IGES files?

  • Is the part data translated incorrectly or not at all?
  • After translation, is data missing?
  • Are trimmed surfaces un-trimmed after translation?
  • Do you have to "fiddle" with tolerances or "flavors" of IGES to get a good translation?
  • Are you embarrassed when you have to send data files back to your customer to rebuild "bad" surfaces that won't translate?
  • Is translation taking just too long?

All these problems can cause serious delays in schedules and machine down-time that no shop can afford that anymore.



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Prospector benefits from our many years of real-world experience in IGES translation.  The superior data translation technology means that Prospector can offer trouble-free import if IGES data from virtually any CAD system.

  • Large Data Sets
    Even the largest data files are no problem.  Many of our customers are suppliers to the automotive industry.  It's not uncommon for an instrument panel, console or fascia to contain 1000's of individual surfaces.
  • Smart Translation
    Improper or incorrect entities are automatically detected during translation.  When possible, the software automatically corrects the problem by inferring what was intended.  For example, trim curves that don't follow the IGES standard for direction are reversed so the translation makes sense.
  • Automatic Flavoring
    Because of our experience in dealing with so many different CAD system, we understand the idiosyncrasies of how these systems output IGES.  This understanding is built into the software to help ensure a smooth translation.
  • Fast
    Even the largest data sets take no more than a couple of minutes to load.  Once the IGES data has been imported when a project is initially created, it is recorded as part of the project in Prospector native format such that future sessions load the data in just a few seconds.

The industry-best IGES translation capability comes standard with Prospector and supports import of all relevant geometric entities including solid definitions (Type 186).  Layering schemes and colors are preserved.  Matrix definitions are imported to use for part setup or tool axis orientation.  The choices for orientation are presented to the user whenever a new setup or workspace is required.

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