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Upgrade Today!

Running software that is several years old is costing you money!  Upgrade today to take full advantage of the last features including support for Windows 7, Windows 8, native 64-bit code, scalable multi-processing and more.  Call or click here to request a quote.


Prospector 2013

Keep your team running at full speed with Prospector 2013.

Touch screen support.

Multi-program editing.

Advanced cutter path simulation.

Customer-driven software enhancements and corrections.

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Choosing the Right PC

The PC you choose for Prospector requires the Microsoft Windows® XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system.  Native 32-bit and 64-bit editions ensures optimal performance.  Depending on your intended use of the software, your hardware requirements for components such as the processor and processor speed and memory (RAM) will vary.  We've developed a handy reference guide to assist you in making a wise choice.  Click here to download the Prospector System Requirement guide.


A wheel-style mouse such as this IntelliMouse™ Explorer from Microsoft® is supported by Prospector.

Touch screen support recognizes the standard Windows gestures as well as Prospector's proprietary cursor strokes.


3D Machining Strategies
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Prospector Silver Edition
PC Requirements
Design for Machining
Prospector supports unique input devices from 3dconnextion. 3dconnexion specializes in innovative products such as the SpaceBall® 5000. With the SpaceBall 5000, you can intuitively zoom, pan and rotate models, exploring and navigating your designs as naturally as if they were objects in the real world. To learn more, visit them on the web at: www.3dconnexion.com


A NEMA-12 enclosure is recommended for the shop floor environment to protect your hardware.  Be sure the unit you choose has adequate cooling capabilities to prevent the computer from overheating.


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