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AMT4101N Prospector New Customer Startup Bundle

      Includes:  1 AMT4101 Prospector Software License

                    1 ASU4101  Prospector Software Support Contract (1 yr)

                    1 AMT3310  Pro/Post Post Processor

                    1 AAS1002  HelpDesk Support Contract (1 yr)

                    1 ATR4100  Prospector Training

AMT4010 Prospector Software License (3D & 2D Machining)

AMT4201 Prospector Silver Software License (2D Machining)

ASU4101 Prospector Software Support Contract (1 yr)

ASU4201 Prospector Silver Software Support Contract (1 yr)

AMT4101U Software Update to the Current Release

AAS1002 HelpDesk Support (1 yr)


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