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Running software that is several years old is costing you money!  Upgrade today to take full advantage of the last features including support for Windows 7, Windows 8, native 64-bit code, scalable multi-processing and more.  Call or click here to request a quote.


Prospector 2013

Keep your team running at full speed with Prospector 2013.

Touch screen support.

Multi-program editing.

Advanced cutter path simulation.

Customer-driven software enhancements and corrections.

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Cost Effective 2D NC Programming

Prospector Silver Edition is the cost effective approach to address machining needs that do not require 3D programming.  The Silver Edition is Prospector however the license prohibits the use of 3D machining strategies.  

Prospector Silver is the perfect solution for machining ejector and retainer plates, rails and water circuits where machining of complex 3D shapes is not required.

Prospector Silver Edition includes the key features of a full license including:

  • Machining from solid models or 2D CAD drawings.

  • All 2D machining strategies.

  • Cutter path editing.

3D Machining Strategies
2D Machining Strategies
Plunge Roughing
Remaining Stock Model
PowerSource Technology
Parasolid Solid Modeler Compatible
Industry-Best IGES Data Import
Organizing Data
Easy to Learn
Gouge and Stock Collision Detection
NC Documentation
Cutter Path Editing
Post Processing
Prospector Silver Edition
PC Requirements
Design for Machining
  • PowerSource knowledge-based programming.

  • Gouge and stock collision detection.

  • NC Documentation.

  • Feature recognition with automated hole making.

  • Comprehensive library of post processors.

  • Complete multi-media on-line help.

  • Full range of customer support options including training, consulting and HelpDesk.

  • Ability to upgrade to a full license of Prospector in the field should 3D machining become necessary.

Why settle for less competent, skill-based NC programming systems or manual methods for your 2D programming needs? Put all the benefits on knowledge-based shop floor programming to work for your 2D machining needs at an affordable price point with Prospector Silver Edition.

The Modern Networked Shop

Even if your shop is organized around a dedicated NC programming department, Prospector Silver can make good sense as an electronic delivery system.  Part data and NC programs can be packaged into a Prospector project and stored on a server by the programming department.  A license of Prospector isn't even required for this step.  In the shop, machinists can pull down the project from the server when they are ready to begin work on the job.  Because the data is organized in the project, the paper trail (NC setup sheets, work orders, ...) is eliminated.  It's all self-contained in the project which acts as an electronic traveler.  The Prospector Silver licenses lets machinists view, edit, model tool assemblies and check for gouges and stock collisions.  This has the enormous benefit of giving the machinists more confidence in the programs they run as well as empowering them to make use of the most efficient tool setups to get the job done faster.  In short, the machinists can be more productive.  When they're confident a program is ready to run, the program is post processed right on the floor and sent to the machine (i.e. the programming department can eliminate the post processing step from their workload).

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